Supercharge Your Online Collaboration with Jumpshare and Droplr


Words. Sometimes, they’re just not enough to convey what we need to with our team or clients. Let’s face it we communicate more in images and video than we ever have. With Instagram, Pinterest, and SnapChat, words have taken a way-back seat to a more colorful and communicative tool of information transfer in our personal lives. Why should it be any different in our professional lives? 

When working with a team or client in another country or a team-member just a couple floors up from you, you want to be able to communicate your ideas quickly and effectively through screenshots and screencasts. Only a couple years ago, that meant expensive screencasting software or remembering the hotkey combination for screenshots, or worse, arranging real-time webinars with multiple parties in different time zones. 

Today is a different story.

While there have been a number of apps out there that have improved access to screenshots or brought screencasting to more of us in an easy-to-use fashion, two apps have gone above and beyond to make online collaboration a truly seamless process:

  • Droplr
  • Jumpshare

Changing the Game for Online Collaborators

Both Droplr and Jumpshare allow users to quickly take screenshots and screencasts, upload them to the cloud and share with one or more team members. They don’t stop there.

Let’s say you are designing an app for a client. You’re in the middle of the UI design and want to get their input on button placement. Using either one of these applications, you can take a screen shot with one click. With Jumpshare, that screenshot will instantly open in browser that will enable you to do mark-ups, type in short notes and blur sensitive information. Droplr takes an extra click, but otherwise has the same functionality.

Once you’ve annotated your screenshot, you can instantly share it with your client, either via a shortlink that you can paste into an email, text, #slack or other feed, or send an email directly through the app. In both cases, you have the ability to:

  • set time limits on access
  • schedule the file share
  • allow file previews only, without download capability

Both apps also allow sharing via social media accounts.

One feature Dropl has that Jumpshare does not is the ability to incorporate metatags. This can be useful in sorting through massive amounts of project files.

With Jumpshare, there’s no need to check in with your client to see if they had a chance to review your file because it will automatically tell you how many views your file has gotten. 

In both apps, your client will have the ability to comment directly onto your file, eliminating the need for a separate email or phone call. All of this can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, allowing you to finish your milestone quickly. If they’re feeling particularly goofy, Droplr will even allow your client to share their reactions via GIF.

Ready to share some app functionality with your client? You can quickly record a screencast, complete with voice-over, and instantly share your work in both Droplr and Jumpshare.

Jumpshare and Droplr can easily handle file transfers of any type via drag and drop and boast increased bandwidth for paid versions of the apps. 

Not sure which app is best for you? Both Jumpshare and Droplr offer free versions so that you and your team can test-drive them before you choose. Once you’re ready to pull the trigger, take advantage of their discount deals at GetSyrup.

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Happy collaborating!

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